Security Guard Training School

Top Guard Professionals Inc. runs a security guard training school that provides comprehensive security guard training in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. We do everything we can to advance our goals of protecting our communities and fellow citizens, and that starts with providing security officers all the training they need to get the job done safely, for themselves and for clients.

Security Training licenses are obtained through the Florida Department of Agriculture Consumer Services. This department’s main office is located in Tallahassee.

Each security guard training course requires a final state exam and application.

This application needs to be notarized and sent to the F. D.A.C.S with a set of fingerprints taken in the school where the course was obtained.

The security guard training school is required to hand a certificate of completion to the student.

This certificate together with the notarized application and fingerprints will be sent to the F.D.A.C.S. office.

The student is required to pay a license fee to state department.
Each license requires different fees such as the examples detailed below:

Lic. ‘D” requires a money order or personal check for the amount of $87.00.
Lic. “G” requires a money order or personal check for the amount of $112.00.
Lic. “W” requires a money order or personal check for the amount of $112.00

The F.D.A.C.S. will process the application and fingerprints within 30 to 90 days from receipt of application.

A temporary license “D” will be obtained by the student through the state department immediately upon receipt of license application.

Please call our school for security guard training course pricing, since we offer a variety of prices depending on the month’s special offer.

Our security guard training includes:

Lic "D"Security guard officer requires 40-hour course.
Lic "G"Armed security officer requires 28-hour course.
Lic "W"Conceal weapon course.

Our security guard training school is state certified and licensed.